Integrative Studies

Integrative Studies courses have a distinctive intellectual dimension. Because these courses ask the student to consider a topic from the perspective of two different General Education Knowledge Domains, they aim to advance the student’s ability to comprehend things from multiple perspectives, to see connections, and to grasp the concept that one must employ different modes of thinking, different epistemologies to understand more adequately the nature of things; one domain is not fully equal to the task of understanding the world around us. Each Linked Course provides sustained focus on a single Knowledge Domain, with connections to another course in a different Knowledge Domain; while each Inter-Domain course provides the immediacy of incorporating two Knowledge Domains in the same course. 

Inter-Domain Courses

Inter-Domain courses each demonstrate how two Knowledge Domains speak to one another and how knowledge in one Domain relates to knowledge in another. Inter-Domain courses are each approved for two Knowledge Domains and demonstrate consistently how knowledge is integrated across these two Domains. Each Inter-Domain course integrates and meets the criteria of two Knowledge Domains (GA, GH, GHW, GN, GS). 

Students must complete 6 credits of Inter-Domain coursework in order to fulfill the Integrative Studies requirement, if they select this pathway. Because these courses integrate two Knowledge Domains, and need time to do so, they will each carry at least 3 credits. Although students will usually take two 3-credit courses to fulfill this Pathway, students can also use Inter-Domain courses carrying more than 3 credits, if available. Each of the two Knowledge Domains in an Inter-Domain course will receive approximately equal attention (in course topics, assignments, or other course components). Although each Inter-Domain course will satisfy a Domain requirement in both of the Knowledge Domains for which it is approved, the number of credits it contributes towards the total of 30 credits required in the Knowledge Domains is not doubled. For example, a 3-credit course approved as both Natural Science and Social Science will satisfy a Domain requirement in both of those categories; however, this course will contribute 3 credits, not 6, to the total of 30 needed. 

Linked Courses

Linked Courses, each approved for a single Knowledge Domain, demonstrate how the various disciplines within the General Education Knowledge Domains speak to one another and how knowledge in one Domain relates to knowledge in another. Courses are usually linked purposefully by subject matter, but they may be linked by some other common interest, such as an engaged scholarship project, shared assignments, shared readings, etc. Linkages must include courses from different General Education Knowledge Domains (GA, GH, GHW, GN, GS).  

Students need to take 6 credits from the same Linkage (which may include more than two courses), in different Knowledge Domains, to fulfill the requirement, if they select this pathway.  A single course alone does not count for the Linked Courses in the Integrative Studies requirement even if that course has been approved to be part of a Linkage. However, because each Linked Course satisfies a Knowledge Domain requirement, the student can use it within that Domain (or perhaps elsewhere in the student’s program) whether or not the Linkage is completed. Although students will usually fulfill the 6-credit Linked Courses Pathway by taking two 3-credit courses, students may also use courses carrying anywhere from 1 to 5 credits towards the total of 6 Linked Courses credits. Approved Linked Course pairs will be listed in the LionPATH Linked Course table (coming soon).