Academic Information

Administrative Enrollment Controls

Administrative Enrollment Controls are initiated when limitations of space, faculty, or other resources in a major prevent accommodating all students who request them. Learn which majors currently have administrative enrollment controls.

Direct Admit Majors

For a limited number of majors at Penn State, incoming first-year students who meet program admission requirements are admitted directly into the major. Learn which majors currently allow direct admission by first-year students.

Undergraduate Degrees and Requirements

The undergraduate degree programs of the University provide students with opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world and to grow in their individual skills and capabilities for learning, analyzing, creating, communicating, and forming good judgments. Learn more about undergraduate degrees at Penn State, including policies related to academic progress, classification of undergraduate students, degree and program types, degree requirements, entrance-to-major, graduation, and special academic programs.

Registration and Academic Records

Academic policies and procedures related to registration and academic records are developed by the University Faculty Senate to uphold the educational standards of the University for all students. These academic policies and procedures apply to all undergraduate students enrolled in or seeking admission to credit courses. Learn more about registration and academic records at Penn State, including policies and procedures related to courses and credits, distinction and honors, exams, grading, prior learning assessment, re-enrollment, transcripts, and withdrawals.

Advising and Planning a Degree Program

To plan a program of study that will best meet individual goals and interests, students must know the requirements and restrictions of the department, college or other degree-granting unit, and the University; know the sources of academic information, especially the Undergraduate Bulletin; and work consistently with an academic adviser in examining programs and course requirements and alternatives. Learn more about available resources for planning a degree program.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All students are expected to be knowledgeable of and adhere to all University academic policies and procedures. Students also are expected to both maintain Academic Integrity and follow the Student Code of Conduct. As a student at Penn State, you will develop an official educational record, which will be maintained by the University under the guidelines of the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Learn more about academic integrity, the Student Code of Conduct, and confidentiality of student records.