Course Placements

During New Student Orientation (NSO), academic advisers assist new students in evaluating their educational plans by providing them, prior to initial registration, with a review of placement test results along with individualized educational planning and academic advising. The testing component of NSO, if required, is used for educational planning and academic advising purposes to determine a student’s appropriate starting levels in mathematics and chemistry course sequences. English composition course placement is based on prior experience in English courses and the appropriate SAT or ACT score if available. Course selections are guided by a student’s academic goals, their prior academic experiences, SAT/ACT scores (if available) and highest ALEKS Math Assessment score (for students who did not successfully complete high school calculus).

In addition, World Language course placement is determined by the level of previous study and/or time that has elapsed between a student's previous world language study and admission to Penn State. Placement also may be determined by non-course work knowledge of world languages.

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