Sports Journalism, Certificate

Program Code: JCCSJ_UCT

Program Description

The program explores issues and trends through instruction, programming and research. The curriculum covers sports writing, sports broadcasting, sports information, sports ethics, sports media and society, sports industry, and sports and public policy. The Center emphasizes media-related internships. Students are encouraged to complete co-curricular work at the student-run newspaper, the campus radio and TV stations, and the Athletic Department. Students must earn a minimum of six credits from COMM 476, COMM 477 and/or COMM 478 and complete an on-campus sports media activity and/or internship.

What is Sports Journalism?

Thirty-one varsity teams. The chance to cover them in any format: multimedia, photo, text and video. Penn State students interested sports communications and sports journalism careers are in the perfect spot to hone their skills. A combination of classroom instruction and co-curricular activities provide unrivaled opportunities to gain hands-on experience using the same hardware as professionals across the country, and often working side by side at major events with those professionals. Completing the certificate helps prepare students for opportunities with league, sport and team publicity and sports information operations, as well as members of the sports media in its varied formats.


Program Requirements

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Sports Journalism, John Curley Center, Bellisario College of Communications, a minimum of 6 credits is required.

Prescribed Courses
Select 6 credits of the following:6
Sports Writing
Sports Broadcasting
Sports Information

To complete the program, students must earn a minimum of six credits from COMM 476, COMM 477 and/or COMM 478 and complete an on-campus sports media activity (Daily Collegian, CommRadio, WKPS-FM "The Lion," Intercollegiate Athletics, etc.) and/or on- or off-campus internships in sports media.

Prerequisites Required.

Certificate Learning Objectives

  • Ethics: Students will demonstrate a grounding in journalism ethics, particularly as it pertains to sports.
  • Journalism Skills: Students will be able to demonstrate competency in Associated Press style and basic grammar.
  • Multiplatform: Students will be able to demonstrate storytelling skills on multiple platforms.
  • Reporting: Students will be able to report and create content on the stories that make up the core of sports writing: game stories; previews and follows; features; various kinds of enterprise.
  • Sports Issues: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the economic and societal issues facing the sports industry today.

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