B.A. Degree Requirements: Quantification Courses

These courses have been approved as Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements courses. This course list is updated periodically. More information about the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements can be found in the Academic Information section.

CMPSC 101Introduction to Programming Keystone/General Education Course3
CMPSC 121Introduction to Programming Techniques Keystone/General Education Course3
CMPSC 200Programming for Engineers with MATLAB Keystone/General Education Course3
CMPSC 201Programming for Engineers with C++ Keystone/General Education Course3
CMPSC 203Introduction to Spreadsheets and Databases Keystone/General Education Course4
CMPSC 208Technical Game Development Keystone/General Education Course3
CMPSC 451Numerical Computations3
CMPSC 455Introduction to Numerical Analysis I3
CMPSC 456Introduction to Numerical Analysis II3
CMPSC 467Factorization and Primality Testing3
EDPSY 101Analysis and Interpretation of Statistical Data in Education Keystone/General Education Course3
GAME 250Technical Game Development Keystone/General Education Course3
GAME 2512D Game Programming Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 21College Algebra I Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 22College Algebra II and Analytic Geometry Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 26Plane Trigonometry Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 30Problem Solving Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 33Mathematics for Sustainability Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 34The Mathematics of Money Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 35General View of Mathematics Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 36Insights Into Mathematics Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 37Finite Mathematics Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 38Elementary Linear Algebra Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 40Algebra, Trigonometry, and Analytic Geometry Keystone/General Education Course5
MATH 41Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry Keystone/General Education Course3-4
MATH 81Technical Mathematics I Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 82Technical Mathematics II Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 83Technical Calculus Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 97Special Topics1-9
MATH 110Techniques of Calculus I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 111Techniques of Calculus II Keystone/General Education Course2
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 140ACalculus, Analytic Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry Keystone/General Education Course6
MATH 140BCalculus and Biology I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 140ECalculus with Engineering Applications I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 140GCalculus with Earth and Mineral Sciences Applications I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 140HHonors Calculus with Analytic Geometry I Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 141Calculus with Analytic Geometry II Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 141BCalculus and Biology II Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 141ECalculus with Engineering Applications II Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 141GCalculus with Earth and Mineral Sciences Applications II Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 141HHonors Calculus with Analytic Geometry II Keystone/General Education Course4
MATH 197Special Topics1-9
MATH 199Foreign Studies1-12
MATH 200Problem Solving in Mathematics Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 210Calculus with Engineering Technology Applications Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 211Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations with Applications Keystone/General Education Course3
MATH 220Matrices Keystone/General Education Course2-3
MATH 220HHonors Matrices Keystone/General Education Course2-3
MATH 230Calculus and Vector Analysis4
MATH 230HHonors Calculus and Vector Analysis4
MATH 231Calculus of Several Variables2
MATH 231HHonors Calculus of Several Variables2
MATH 232Integral Vector Calculus2
MATH 250Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 251Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations4
MATH 251HHonors Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations4
MATH 296Independent Studies1-18
MATH 297Special Topics1-9
MATH 310Elementary Combinatorics3
MATH 310AConcepts in Combinatorics - Recitation1
MATH 310HHonors Concepts of Combinatorics3
MATH 311MHonors Concepts of Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 311WConcepts of Discrete Mathematics3-4
MATH 312Concepts of Real Analysis3
MATH 312AHonors Concepts of Real Analysis - Recitation1
MATH 312HHonors Concepts of Real Analysis3
MATH 315Foundations of Mathematics3
MATH 318Elementary Probability3
MATH 319Elementary Mathematical Statistics3
MATH 399Foreign Studies1-12
MATH 401Introduction to Analysis I3
MATH 403Classical Analysis I3
MATH 403HHonors Classical Analysis I3
MATH 404Classical Analysis II3
MATH 405Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Scientists I3
MATH 406Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Scientists II3
MATH 411Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 412Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 417Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations3
MATH 421Complex Analysis3
MATH 422Wavelets and Fourier Analysis: Theory and Applications3
MATH 425Introduction to Operations Research3
MATH 426Introduction to Modern Geometry3
MATH 427Foundations of Geometry3
MATH 428Geometry for Teachers1
MATH 429Introduction to Topology3
MATH 430Linear Algebra and Discrete Models I3
MATH 435Basic Abstract Algebra3
MATH 436Linear Algebra3
MATH 437Algebraic Geometry3
MATH 441Matrix Algebra3
MATH 449Applied Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 450Mathematical Modeling3
MATH 451Numerical Computations3
MATH 455Introduction to Numerical Analysis I3
MATH 456Introduction to Numerical Analysis II3
MATH 457Introduction to Mathematical Logic3
MATH 465Number Theory3
MATH 467Factorization and Primality Testing3
MATH 468Mathematical Coding Theory3
MATH 470Algebra for Teachers3
MATH 471Geometry for Teachers4
MATH 475YHistory of Mathematics3
MATH 479Special and General Relativity3
MATH 482Mathematical Methods of Operations Research3
MATH 484Linear Programs and Related Problems3
MATH 485Graph Theory3
MATH 486Mathematical Theory of Games3
MATH 494Research Project1-12
MATH 494HThesis Project3
MATH 495Internship1-18
MATH 496Independent Studies1-18
MATH 497Special Topics1-9
MATH 499Foreign Studies1-12
PHIL 12Symbolic Logic Keystone/General Education Course3
PHYS 479Special and General Relativity3
STAT 100Statistical Concepts and Reasoning Keystone/General Education Course3
STAT 200Elementary Statistics Keystone/General Education Course4
STAT 240Introduction to Biometry Keystone/General Education Course3
STAT 250Introduction to Biostatistics Keystone/General Education Course3
STAT 301Statistical Analysis I Keystone/General Education Course3
STAT 318Elementary Probability3
STAT 319Elementary Mathematical Statistics3