B.A. Degree Requirements: World Language (12th Unit)

These courses have been approved as Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements courses. This course list is updated periodically. More information about the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements can be found in the Academic Information section.

ARAB 3Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic4
CHNS 3Level Two Chinese A4
CHNS 454Introduction to Classical Chinese3
CHNS 455Masterpieces of Traditional Chinese Literature3
FR 3Intermediate French4
FR 112Intermediate French6
GER 3Intermediate German4
GER 12Intensive Intermediate German6
HEBR 3Intermediate Modern Hebrew4
HINDI 1Level One Hindi A4
HINDI 2Level One Hindi B4
HINDI 3Level Two Hindi A4
IT 3Intermediate Italian4
IT 20Intensive Intermediate Italian6
JAPNS 3Level Two Japanese A4
JAPNS 450Introduction to Classical Japanese3
KOR 3Level Two Korean A4
KOR 403YLevel 4 Korean A4
KOR 404Level 4 Korean B4
KOR 450Korean Cultures in Global Contexts3
LATIN 3Intermediate Latin4
POL 3Level Two Polish A4
PORT 3Intermediate Portuguese4
PORT 123Portuguese for Romance-language Speakers2-3
PORT 200Advanced Portuguese via the Arts3
PORT 365Imagining Brazilian Cities3
RUS 3Intermediate Russian4
SPAN 3Intermediate Spanish4
SPAN 20Intensive Spanish6
SWA 3Intermediate Swahili4
UKR 3Intermediate Ukrainian4