B.A. Degree Requirements: World Language (All)

These courses have been approved as Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements courses. This course list is updated periodically. More information about the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements can be found in the Academic Information section.

ARAB 1Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I4
ARAB 2Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II4
ARAB 3Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic4
ARAB 110Arab Language, Cultures, and Current Topics Keystone/General Education Course3
CHNS 1Level One Chinese A4
CHNS 2Level One Chinese B4
CHNS 3Level Two Chinese A4
CHNS 110Level Two Chinese B4
CHNS 401Level Three Chinese A4
CHNS 402Level Three Chinese B4
FR 1Elementary French I4
FR 2Elementary French II4
FR 3Intermediate French4
FR 111Elementary French6
FR 112Intermediate French6
FR 199Foreign Study--French1-12
FR 201Oral Communication and Reading Comprehension3
FR 202Grammar and Composition3
FR 299Foreign Study--French3-12
FR 351French and Francophone Literature I3
FR 352French and Francophone Literature II3
FR 401Advanced Oral Communication3
FR 402YAdvanced Grammar and Writing3
FR 410French Press3
GER 1Elementary German I4
GER 2Elementary German II4
GER 3Intermediate German4
GER 11Intensive Basic German6
GER 12Intensive Intermediate German6
GER 199Foreign Study--German3-6
GER 201Conversation and Composition4
GER 301Intermediate Speaking and Listening3
GER 302WIntermediate Composition and Grammar3
GER 344Intermediate German Culture3
GREEK 2Elementary Classical and New Testament Greek4
GREEK 101Introductory Ancient Greek4
GREEK 102Intermediate Ancient Greek4
GREEK 203Greek Reading and Composition4
GREEK 420Greek Prose Authors3-12
GREEK 425Greek Historians3-6
GREEK 430Greek Poetry3-6
GREEK 440Greek Drama3-6
HEBR 1Basic Modern Hebrew I4
HEBR 2Basic Modern Hebrew II4
HEBR 3Intermediate Modern Hebrew4
HEBR 401Advanced Hebrew--Conversation Emphasis3-6
HEBR 402Advanced Hebrew--Reading Emphasis3-6
HINDI 3Level Two Hindi A4
IT 1Elementary Italian I4
IT 2Elementary Italian II4
IT 3Intermediate Italian4
IT 10Intensive Elementary Italian6
IT 20Intensive Intermediate Italian6
IT 301Pathways to Fluency3
IT 415Dante3
IT 422Topics in the Italian Renaissance3
IT 450Nineteenth-Century Italian Literature3
IT 460Twentieth-Century Italian Literature3
JAPNS 1Level One Japanese A4
JAPNS 2Level One Japanese B4
JAPNS 3Level Two Japanese A4
JAPNS 110Level Two Japanese B4
JAPNS 401Level Three Japanese A4
JAPNS 402Level Three Japanese B4
JAPNS 452Contemporary Japan: Cultures, Lifestyles, Trends3
JAPNS 453Japanese Film3
JAPNS 454Japanese Literature3
KOR 1Level One Korean A4
KOR 2Level One Korean B4
KOR 3Level Two Korean A4
KOR 451Food and Foodways in Korea3
KOR 452Korean Language and Culture3
LATIN 1Elementary Latin4
LATIN 2Elementary Latin4
LATIN 3Intermediate Latin4
LATIN 402Republican Literature3-12
LATIN 403Augustan Age Literature3-12
LATIN 404Silver Age Literature3-12
POL 1Level One Polish A4
POL 2Level One Polish B4
POL 3Level Two Polish A4
PORT 1Elementary Portuguese I4
PORT 2Elementary Portuguese II4
PORT 3Intermediate Portuguese4
PORT 123Portuguese for Romance-language Speakers2-3
PORT 405Advanced Composition and Conversation3
RUS 1Elementary Russian I4
RUS 2Elementary Russian II4
RUS 3Intermediate Russian4
RUS 204Intermediate Russian II4
RUS 214Intermediate Russian III4
RUS 304Readings in Russian III3
RUS 305Advanced Russian Conversation3
RUS 412Russian Translation3
SPAN 1Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN 2Elementary Spanish II4
SPAN 3Intermediate Spanish4
SPAN 10Intensive Spanish6
SPAN 20Intensive Spanish6
SPAN 100Intermediate Grammar and Composition3
SPAN 100HIntermediate Grammar and Composition3
SPAN 110Intermediate Conversation3
SPAN 120Intermediate Reading3
SPAN 200Intensive Grammar and Composition3
SPAN 210Readings in Iberian Civilization3
SPAN 220Readings in Ibero-American Civilization3
SPAN 253WIntroduction to Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 300Advanced Grammar and Composition Through Reading3
SPAN 301Advanced Writing and Stylistics in Spanish for Spanish Speakers3
SPAN 353Topics in the Cultures of Spain3
SPAN 354Topics in Border Studies3
SPAN 355Topics in the Cultures of Latin America3
SPAN 356Topics in the Cultures of the Americas3
SPAN 410Advanced Oral Expression and Communication3
SPAN 439Don Quijote3
SPAN 472The Contemporary Spanish American Novel3
SPAN 476Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature3
SPAN 490Masterpieces of Spanish Prose3
SPAN 491Masterpieces of Spanish Drama and Poetry3
SWA 1Elementary Swahili I4
SWA 2Elementary Swahili II4
SWA 3Intermediate Swahili4
UKR 1Elementary Ukrainian I4
UKR 2Elementary Ukrainian II4
UKR 3Intermediate Ukrainian4