Computer Engineering, Minor (Engineering)

Program Code: CMPEN_UMNR

Program Requirements

Requirement Credits
Requirements for the Minor 19

Requirements for the Minor

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor, as specified by Senate Policy 59-10.

Prescribed Courses
Prescribed Courses: Require a grade of C or better
CMPEN 331Computer Organization And Design3
CMPEN 431Introduction to Computer Architecture3
CMPEN/EE 362Communication Networks3
Additional Courses
Additional Courses: Require a grade of C or better
CMPEN 270Digital Design: Theory and Practice4
or CMPEN 271
Introduction to Digital Systems
and Digital Design Laboratory
Supporting Courses and Related Areas
Supporting Courses and Related Areas: Require a grade of C or better
Select 6 credits of additional 400-level CMPEN courses, excluding independent studies and honors thesis credits.6