Product Innovation Entrepreneurship, Certificate

Program Code: PINENT_UCT

Program Description

Learn and practice the entrepreneurial mindset in the Product Innovation Entrepreneurship Certificate. This certificate prepares you to run an entrepreneurial venture or to be an intrapreneur where you utilize the entrepreneurial mindset within an existing organization. Learn and practice business fundamentals from an entrepreneurial perspective and deal with the challenges of leading a creative entrepreneurial organization and the associated ambiguity. The certificate is open to any student who has the goal to own their own business or wants to learn to think outside the box. This certificate will help the student work effectively within any organization, always looking for ways to be more creative and innovative.

Program Requirements

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Product Innovation Entrepreneurship, a minimum of 9 credits is required.

Required Courses
BA 250Small Business Management3
or ENGR 411 Entrepreneurship Business Basics
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
Launching Innovation: Ideas to Opportunities
Principles of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
Managing an Entrepreneurial Start-Up Company
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management


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