Space Systems Engineering, Certificate

Program Code: SPSYS_UCT

Program Description

This certificate program is designed to prepare students for careers in the space industry and for work on space systems. To achieve this, a minimum program of three space systems engineering related courses, a space systems engineering seminar, and project work is to be completed.

You Might Like This Program If...

You would like to explore a how to approach the engineering of complex systems; you have an interest in space, aerospace engineering, or satellites, or have an interest in working within the defense and/or aerospace industry.

Entrance to Certificate

For entrance into the certificate program, students must be at least 5th semester standing. The cumulative GPA considered for admission will be consistent with, or equivalent to, the GPA minimum of 2.00 for maintaining good academic standing.

Program Requirements

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Space Systems Engineering, a minimum of 12 credits is required.

Students must earn a C grade or better in each of the courses to continue with the certificate.

Prescribed Courses
Prescribed Courses: Require a grade of C or better
EE 474Satellite Communications Systems3
Select one of the following:2-9
Spacecraft Design--Preliminary
Spacecraft Design--Detailed
Space Propulsion and Power Systems
Orbit and Attitude Control of Spacecraft
Space Astronomy and Introduction to Space Science
Special Topics
Special Topics
Special Topics
Space Astronomy and Introduction to Space Science
Satellite Communications Systems
Select one of the following:3-9
Space Science and Technology Keystone/General Education Course
Theory of Plasma Waves
Special Topics
Introduction to Plasmas
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Systems
Conformal Antennas
Manufacturing Methods in Microelectronics
Inversion Techniques in Remote Sensing
Microwave Radar Remote Sensing
Linear Control Systems
Optimal Control
Earth and Life: Origin and Evolution Keystone/General Education Course
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Systems
Introduction to Plasmas
Theory of Plasma Waves
Space Science and Technology Keystone/General Education Course

Students must complete an application. A project report must be submitted adhering to SPSYS Certificate formatting and systems content guidelines.

Prerequisites Required.

Certificate Learning Objectives

  • Complete a hands-on project experience representing the application of principles learned.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the following:
    • systems approach to engineering;
    • several technical subjects related to space systems;
    • processes and procedures for development of space hardware.
  • Work effectively in multifunctional teams.

Academic Advising

The objectives of the university’s academic advising program are to help advisees identify and achieve their academic goals, to promote their intellectual discovery, and to encourage students to take advantage of both in-and out-of class educational opportunities in order that they become self-directed learners and decision makers.

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University Park

Sven Bilén
Professor of Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering
213B Hammond Building
University Park, PA 16802

Career Paths

Students will learn more about how to plan, design, build, integrate, test launch, operate, and manage various forms of space systems, subsystems, launch vehicles, spacecraft, payload or ground systems in order to work as space system architects, launch system experts, propulsion technicians and much more.


University Park

Electrical Engineering East
University Park, PA 16802