Business Administration (Intercollege)

Graduate Program HeadBrian Cameron
Program CodeMBADM
Campus(es)World Campus (M.B.A.)
Degrees ConferredMaster of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
The Graduate Faculty


The Penn State Online Master of Business Administration, led by the Smeal College of Business, is an online degree program of:

  • Penn State Erie, The Behrend College;
  • Penn State Great Valley, The School of Graduate Professional Studies;
  • Penn State Harrisburg, the Capital College;
  • and Penn State University Park, the Smeal College of Business.

The online M.B.A. curriculum emphasizes cross-functional organizational thinking; focuses on solving business problems; closely follows the quality guidelines for accreditation of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the accrediting body affiliated with The International Association for Management Education; and uses cutting-edge instructional technology to transcend issues of time and space to support effective teaching and learning.

Within the context of these goals, the online M.B.A. curriculum was developed around core business skills. The skills the program helps to develop include "soft skills" such as managing and leading people and teams, analytical skills such as data analytic decision making, and integrative skills that allow students to understand, analyze, and suggest solutions to significant business problems that cross functional areas of business.

These different skills are integrated at the course level. Students apply knowledge developed in these areas to multidimensional problems and issues throughout the program. The program is offered online and includes a required three-day virtual residency experience at the start of the program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants apply for admission to the program via the Graduate School application for admission. Requirements listed here are in addition to Graduate Council policies listed under GCAC-300 Admissions Policies.


Admission is granted only to candidates who demonstrate high promise of success for graduate work. Admissions decisions are based on a review of a complete admission portfolio, including an application, short essays, a current resume, official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, and two letters of recommendation.Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores will not be accepted.

No specific prior course of study is required to be admitted. Applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds. Students entering the program are required to have a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite.

The language of instruction at Penn State is English. English proficiency test scores (TOEFL/IELTS) may be required for international applicants. See GCAC-305 Admission Requirements for International Students for more information.

Exceptions to GCAC-305 will be considered by the program. Exceptions may or may not be granted by the Graduate School.


Degree Requirements

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Requirements listed here are in addition to Graduate Council policies listed under GCAC-700 Professional Degree Policies.

The online M.B.A. degree requires a minimum of 48 credits. 

Required Courses
MBADM 810Team Performance3
MBADM 811Financial Accounting 13
MBADM 812Economics for Business Strategy 13
MBADM 813Data Analysis for Decision Making 13
MBADM 814Leadership Communications and Change Management3
MBADM 815Ethical and Responsible Business Leadership3
MBADM 816Managing and Leading People in Organizations3
MBADM 820Financial Management3
MBADM 821Marketing in a Global Environment3
MBADM 822Managing Supply Chains in Global Markets3
MBADM 850Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
MBADM 830Managing in the Digital Economy3
Select 9 elective credits 9
Culminating Experience
MBADM 571Global Strategic Management 2 3
Total Credits48

For students with exceptional credentials, MBADM 811, MBADM 812, and MBADM 813 may be waived. Students must petition the head of the graduate program to obtain a waiver for these courses, and students’ credentials will be reviewed to assess their eligibility for a waiver. Obtaining a waiver for MBADM 811, MBADM 812, and MBADM 813 will not reduce the minimum 48 credits required for the degree. Alternate courses may be substituted for the courses waived.


The culminating experience for the Online MBA is MBADM 571. As the course title implies, MBADM 571 gives students a view of the whole firm and helps them understand how finance, marketing, and operations collectively support the strategy and mission of the firm. Students in this course will typically analyze their own firm to give them a comprehensive understanding of how the firm intends to achieve its goals.

Due to the engaging experience of the OMBA Team Performance Immersion, attendance is mandatory. This is the only time during the program students will be required to be on Zoom synchronously and during weekday working hours. To provide the best learning experience, students will be involved in individual and team activities during the 3-day immersion. 

Students must participate actively in the 3-day Immersion experience; no alternatives are permitted.

Other Relevant Information

The online MBA is an online graduate degree program delivered via World Campus. Students must be computer literate and have immediate, ready, and reliable access to a computer and the Internet. Although not all aspects of the course are delivered via electronic media, Internet access is required to successfully complete the course of instruction, as well as participate in online discussion groups. See World Campus Technical Requirements for the most current technical requirements.

Students are required to complete the 3-day residency experience. No alternatives and substitutions are possible.

Students may spread out their studies over a longer period of time to accommodate their professional and personal commitments, but it is strongly recommended they complete the degree in five years or less.


A graduate minor is available in any approved graduate major or dual-title program. The default requirements for a graduate minor are stated in Graduate Council policies listed under GCAC-600 Research Degree Policies and GCAC-700 Professional Degree Policies, depending on the type of degree the student is pursuing:

Student Aid

World Campus students in graduate degree programs may be eligible for financial aid. Refer to the Tuition and Financial Aid section of the World Campus website for more information.


Graduate courses carry numbers from 500 to 699 and 800 to 899. Advanced undergraduate courses numbered between 400 and 499 may be used to meet some graduate degree requirements when taken by graduate students. Courses below the 400 level may not. A graduate student may register for or audit these courses in order to make up deficiencies or to fill in gaps in previous education but not to meet requirements for an advanced degree.

Master of Business Administration (MBADM) Course List

Learning Outcomes

  1. APPLY/CREATE: Apply statistical techniques effectively for the purpose of critically analyzing, evaluating, preparing and presenting business decisions.
  2. COMMUNICATE: Examine the components of effective communication (oral, written, presentation) and evaluate their impact on successful interpersonal interactions, including recognizing behavior styles that may influence communication outcomes.
  3. THINK: Apply critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate a problem or situation, demonstrating the ability to break it down into its constituent parts and identify potential solutions.
  4. KNOW: Assess the effectiveness of business functions in achieving the strategic goals of a business, considering factors such as resource allocation, alignment with organizational objectives, and performance metrics.
  5. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: Analyze a business problem using insights from multiple functional areas, recognizing how different perspectives and ethical standards can influence problem-solving approaches.


Campus World Campus
Graduate Program Head Brian Harold Cameron
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or Professor-in-Charge (PIC) Janet Duck
Program Contact

Stacey Dorang Peeler
220 Business Building
University Park PA 16802
(814) 863-0474

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