Project and Supply Chain Analytics, Certificate

Program Code: PRSCAN_UCT

Program Description

The project and supply chain management job market remains strong, and the demand for analytics skills within the domain has been growing significantly. With the newly added electives, including SCM 340: Introduction to Supply Chain Analytics and MGMT 430: Project Risk Management, the analytics components within the PSCM program have been strengthened and emphasized. A Project and Supply Chain Analytics certificate will maximize the value of the course offerings and enhance student employability.

What is Project and Supply Chain Analytics?

Project and Supply Chain Analytics is an interdisciplinary field that integrates principles of project management, supply chain management, and data analytics to improve the flow of goods, services, and information. The certificate is designed to equip students with the comprehensive skills and knowledge required to effectively use analytics to generate solutions and insights for decision-making. This includes enabling students to apply analytical methods to solve real-world problems and to align project and supply chain strategies with organizational goals.

You Might Like This Program If...

If you're passionate about using data to solve problems, then you'll appreciate how this certificate teaches you to apply analytics to improve supply chain and project management processes. This certificate program covers essential skills, including analyzing and applying data, interpreting results, and communicating insights.


To earn an undergraduate certificate in Project and Supply Chain Analytics, a minimum of 12 credits is required.

Required Courses
MGMT 410Project Management3
MGMT 430Project Risk Management3
SCM 340Introduction to Supply Chain Analytics3
SCM 301Supply Chain Management3

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Richard Peng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management
281 Burke Center
Erie, PA 16563


The Project and Supply Chain Analytics certificate opens a wide array of career pathways and opportunities for further studies.


The certificate in Project and Supply Chain Analytics can help prepare students for possible career opportunities including project management, supply chain management, operations management, data analysis and business intelligence, and consulting.


The certificate can prepare students for further studies, including a master’s degree in project management, supply chain management, business analytics, or business administration.



281 Burke Center
Erie, PA 16563