Labor and Human Resources, Certificate

Program Code: LSER_UCT

Program Description

Penn State's online certificate in Labor and Human Resources is designed to provide students with a foundation in human resources and employment relations. It examines the law and best practices within these disciplines and will help students recognize and resolve issues that emerge in the workplace.

What is Labor and Human Resources?

Every day, 135 million Americans go to work and surprising stuff happens. Welcome to the world of human resources and labor relations! Labor and Human Resources focuses on subjects ranging from globalization and talent management, to unions and social justice, to gender equity and workers' rights. It encompasses a variety of growing career areas, all of which address the complex social, cultural, and professional issues one is likely to encounter in modern workplaces. You will learn in a highly student-centered program with great faculty, wonderful resources, and an in-house career counselor for help as you approach completion.

You Might Like This Program If...

You aspire to work in human resources or a related field, this online certificate in labor studies and employment relations can help you acquire a foundation in a range of subjects, including employment law, collective bargaining, and workplace diversity. It can be used as an important first step in your education or as a recognized stand-alone credential. If you already have a degree, this certificate program is an excellent complement.

Program Requirements

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Labor and Human Resources, a minimum of 12 credits is required.

Prescribed Courses
LHR 100Exploring Work and Employment Keystone/General Education Course3
LHR 201Employment Relationship: Law and Policy Keystone/General Education Course3
Elective Courses
Select 6 credits of the following:6
Labor and Employment Relations Fundamentals
Human Resources Fundamentals Keystone/General Education Course
Comparative Employment Relations Systems
International Human Resource Studies

No Prerequisites Required.

Certificate Learning Objectives

  • Application Skills: Solve multi-faceted problems in labor, ER, and HR by selecting, adapting (when necessary), and applying relevant knowledge and skills to help develop, implement, and enforce organizational policies and strategies in domestic and global workplaces.
  • Communication Skills: Demonstrate effective communication skills in two-way interactions with individuals and groups involving labor, ER, and HR facts, concepts, and principles in order to interact effectively with other stakeholders.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyze alternative approaches, solutions, and conclusions related to practical and legal challenges involving labor and ER.
  • Ethical Competence: Respond to practical, legal, and ethical challenges in domestic and global workplaces in accordance with societal norms, values, mores, as well as professional and ethical standards.
  • Global Awareness: Summarize the interactive impact of numerous cultural and international factors on work, workers, employers, and industries.
  • Knowledge: Summarize and explain the interrelationships among fundamental theories, concepts, facts, and issues involving labor and employment relations (ER) related to workplaces, workers, and their communities.

Academic Advising

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Career Paths

By completing this program provided through Penn State’s World Campus, you can be prepared for a variety of positions, including benefits associate, labor relations assistant, recruitment and placement assistant, human resources assistant.


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