International Human Resources and Employment Relations Graduate Credit Certificate Program

Person-in-ChargePaul Clark
Program CodeIHRER
Campus(es)World Campus

This 12 credit program is designed to provide HR practitioners and those with an interest in global HR business practices with a comprehensive understanding of the law, policy and best practices necessary for effective management of global human resources, employment relations and labor relations responsibilities.

Effective Semester: Fall 2021
Expiration Semester: Fall 2026

Admission Requirements

Applicants apply for admission to the program via the Graduate School application for admission. Requirements listed here are in addition to Graduate Council policies listed under GCAC-300 Admissions Policies. International applicants may be required to satisfy an English proficiency requirement; see GCAC-305 Admission Requirements for International Students for more information.

  • Applicants admitted into the certificate program must have a 3.0 grade-point average in the last two years of undergraduate work. This requirement may be waived in exceptional circumstances;
  • All applicants submit a Graduate School application (including payment of the nonrefundable application fee), resume, and personal statement addressing their reasons for pursuing a certificate in international human resources and employment relations;
  • Applicants must have two (2) years of full-time work experience (excludes part-time jobs and internships).

Certificate Requirements

Requirements listed here are in addition to requirements listed in Graduate Council policy GCAC-212 Postbaccalaureate Credit Certificate Programs.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better and a grade-point average of 3.0 to be awarded the certificate.

Required Courses
LER 4003
LER 403
HRER 801Comparative and International Employment and Labor Law3
HRER 803Human Resources in Multinational Enterprises3
Total Credits9


Graduate courses carry numbers from 500 to 699 and 800 to 899. Advanced undergraduate courses numbered between 400 and 499 may be used to meet some graduate degree requirements when taken by graduate students. Courses below the 400 level may not. A graduate student may register for or audit these courses in order to make up deficiencies or to fill in gaps in previous education but not to meet requirements for an advanced degree.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know: Graduates will have and be able to demonstrate the necessary advanced knowledge and competence in the fields of International human resources and employment relations to excel in their careers.
  2. Think: Graduates will be able to recognize and analyze practical, legal, and ethical challenges related to IHRER issues in global workplaces.
  3. Apply/Create: Graduates will be able to effectively apply relevant theories and practices when solving problems in global workplaces.
  4. Communicate: Graduates will be able to effectively communicate knowledge of current topics to excel as IHRER professionals.
  5. Professional Practice: Graduates should display behavior consistent with the highest ethical standards related to IHRER and the online learning environment.


Campus World Campus
Graduate Program Head Paul Clark
Program Contact

Erin Hetzel
School of Labor and Employment Relations
University Park PA 16802
(814) 867-4167

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